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Committed to cleaning up the world

Pioneers of heavy-suction earth-cleaning machines

Efficient waste management is what we do

We engineer advanced technologies to clean heavy-duty solid and plastic waste


According to a report by the World Bank, global solid waste generation is expected to reach 3.40 billion tons by 2050, up from 2.01 billion tons in 2016. Currently, the world generates an estimated 2.01 billion tons of municipal solid waste per year, which translates to approximately 5.5 million tons per day or 200 million tons per month. These numbers are expected to rise as population growth and urbanization continue to accelerate.

Effective management of solid waste is crucial for promoting sustainable, healthy, and inclusive urban communities. Unfortunately, this aspect of environmental management is often overlooked, leading to negative impacts on public health and the environment. Of particular concern are plastics, which pose a significant threat to our ecosystems if not handled and disposed of properly. Failure to collect and manage plastics can result in the contamination of waterways and other ecosystems that may persist for centuries or even millennia

IMAGE: Bulldozers working on a sanitary landfill. Source- Britannica / © SergeyZavalnyuk



Making the planet a better and cleaner place

Our objective is to design cost-effective and easily accessible Earth Cleaning Machines that will enable communities worldwide to independently drive favorable environmental transformations.


Bulky waste &

plastic collection



Confined & precise waste cleaning


Our Impact

JATAYU Machines deployed by Spruce Up in 50+ cities worldwide have made a significant contribution to addressing the Earth's ever-growing waste challenges. With over 150 machines in operation, we have effectively cleaned up numerous garbage-prone and waste-vulnerable areas across countries


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Tons of Waste Cleaned


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