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The Original Jatayu: a compact vacuum that leads the industry.

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The compact but mighty vacuum relies on a heavy-duty 20 HP diesel engine as its backbone. Equipped with a 0.4 cu.m litter bin bag, it offers a convenient option for collecting garbage in large quantities. Its modular design provides users with the flexibility to mount it on a trailer, small truck, or cart.

This versatile machine delivers exceptionally strong and portable suction, irrespective of the base vehicle. Its detailed and sturdy construction ensures reliability and ease of use. Despite its small size, the vacuum packs a punch, able to collect even a full-sized coconut.


Lightweight and power-packed

The Jatayu HD is an industry leader in its weight category, boasting a significantly lower weight than its competitors.

Key Benefits

Built to be compact and convenient

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The Jatayu HD is a compact machine with a meticulous design, making it easy to mount on most cargo vehicles and trailers.

Designed to be powerful and all-consuming

Crafted specifically for cleaning hard-to-remove waste, Jatatyu HD is built with a remarkably strong and portable suction mechanism


The HD was specifically designed to overcome the obstacles posed by narrow streets and dense environments. The driving philosophy behind its creation was to produce the most powerful vacuum possible within the smallest possible footprint.

Encased in a straightforward and user-friendly box shape, this modular machine can be installed on most cargo vehicles in just a few hours. Equipped with all the essential features of a top-notch vacuum, such as a great hose, good capacity, and excellent filtration, the HD delivers robust airflow while remaining budget-friendly.



Setting an example in the industry, this machine leads the weight category with its significantly lighter weight. The reduced weight simplifies the mounting process on small vehicles, enabling users to carry more garbage while consuming minimal fuel.


Key Specifications

Hose Length

18 ft


Type – 4-Cycle water-cooled diesel engine

Collection Type

Manual change reusable Ezee Bags

Continuous operation hours

10 Hours

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