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One of the world's most advanced and cost-effective waste-cleaning machines.

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The Jatayu Super series is a comprehensive solution for heavy-duty vacuuming of substantial quantities of solid and plastic waste. Equipped with a three-axis hydraulically controlled telescopic boom arm, the Super series can reach up to a distance of 20 ft. Its 1.5 m3 Aluminum Hopper container is hydraulically adjustable and efficient in dumping waste from a height of 6 ft.

Moreover, the Super series boasts an independent filter cleaning system that enhances its efficiency. These features enable users to collect and store vast amounts of dust, garbage, or waste with ease. The machine's smooth and trouble-free operation allows drivers and operators to collect up to two tons of waste daily, without any hindrance.


Unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Jatayu Super is equipped with hydraulic and telescopic technology for waste storage and collection, which enhances productivity.

Key Benefits

Engineered for an ergonomic experience

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Jatayu Super is user-friendly and operates smoothly, and is an easy-to-use machine for a seamless working experience.

Tailored for potent and all-encompassing vacuuming capabilities.

Jatatyu Super is specifically designed for cleaning hard-to-remove waste, with a remarkably robust and portable suction mechanism.



The Jatayu Super was designed to tackle urban challenges, with a focus on power and maneuverability. It features several unique, patent-pending technologies that make it the most advanced machine of its kind.

The machine's compact and narrow design allows it to operate in traffic conditions, and the boom can extend, collapse, and navigate around cars to reach all areas of the road. Its aluminum hopper construction, along with a Mitsubishi engine and proprietary drivetrain configuration, enables it to be mounted on LCVs and save fuel.


Hydraulic Tipping

Jatayu Super features a hydraulically adjustable 1.5 m3 aluminum hopper container with a load-bearing capacity of one ton, and seamless unloading of garbage through container tipping. Essentially, all heavy-duty work can be accomplished without human intervention.


Key Specifications

Boom Length



Type – 4-Cycle water-cooled diesel engine

Type of Garbage

Wet and Dry

Continuous operation hours

10 Hours

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